The Four Most Common Nonprofit Jobs

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The Four Most Common Nonprofit Jobs

As nonprofit staffing and recruitment experts we have the privilege of working with amazing organizations locally and across the nation. We often get asked by candidates, “What is the most common Nonprofit jobs” when they are hoping to start their career in the nonprofit field. Today, we’re sharing the four most common nonprofit jobs and what they each entail.  



Fundraising will forever be important for nonprofits. Knowing how to fundraise and connect with donors will ensure that you are an asset to the organization you work for. Hoping to pivot from a corporate background? A background in PR or sales is extremely helpful as you grow your fundraising career in nonprofit. 


Program Manager 

As the program manager, you may have broad duties that involve running the day-to-day goings-on for all the charity’s initiatives, or your job may be narrowed down to an individual program. If you don’t like managing people or organization, this role may not be the best fit for you. 


Finance and Operations 

Often nonprofits and donors are looking at the bottom line. If you are a numbers person, you are invaluable to the organization as an asset. If you have a background as a chief financial officer, controller or accountant, you’ll have the experience needed. A degree in accounting or business is generally required. 



Although this is a wide category of positions, if you are good with connecting to the community or getting your hands dirty, this position is for you. Someone in outreach will be on the front lines, offering educational programs, workshops and direct delivery of services to the community. Additionally, in this role you may be overseeing teams of volunteers. 



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