Grant Writing: Does Your Nonprofit Need It?

grant writing

Grant Writing: Does Your Nonprofit Need It?

If you’ve worked for a nonprofit for any amount of time, you’ve heard of grant writing. Perhaps you may have seen the title grant writer pop up as you scroll through open positions. You may also be wondering: what is a grant writer and how do I become one? We’re discussing how and why you should consider becoming a grant writer below! 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a grant writer will generally work alongside a nonprofit organization to secure funding for things such as: projects, services, or goods that the organization needs to continue working.  


To find work, a grant writer may approach businesses, foundations, corporations, and government agencies to find work. Often, someone who writes grants may work contractually or they may be employed exclusively by one organization or work on a freelance basis for varying groups or individuals. 

A grant writer is a vital part of the team. Beyond being a strong writer, a grant writer needs additional skills to be successful in this job, including: the ability to research and plan projects with a focus on details, data analysis and strong organizational skills. 

In addition to writing proposals on a daily basis, a grant writer will research sponsors such as grant-making agencies and foundations to find those that match the goals of the nonprofit and have funded similar projects. Additionally, they will need to understand the conditions of the grant and be able to show how the nonprofit meets those conditions. This includes ample research on the proposed project. 

In 2019 alone, over $75 billion dollars were awarded by foundations. That means there is excessive funding to be had by the nonprofits willing to present their cases for funds. If you are considering a job in grant writing, we invite you to apply with Scion Nonprofit today and browse our open opportunities on our job board!