Benefits of Using Temporary Nonprofit Staffing

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Benefits of Using Temporary Nonprofit Staffing

Nonprofit organizations are often times misunderstood. Many people believe they only serve the poor or homeless or another very basic and misguided mission or purpose. They also don’t realize that nonprofits play a vital role in our communities. In fact, they provide services such as healthcare, education, job training, disaster relief, and much more. This is why nonprofits need quality talent to help them to properly execute their mission! In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of using a staffing agency to utilize temporary nonprofit staffing and how it can have long-term effects for the nonprofit organization and their future plans.

Why would a nonprofit organization need temporary employees?

While some nonprofit organizations may be able to self-operate, many others require outside assistance to satisfy their employment needs. Temporary employees who specialize in the particular field are ideal for these organizations because unlike some permanent employees, they won’t get someone who’s not qualified or needs the additional training that would come with a brand-new employee that is inexperienced in a position in the nonprofit sector.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using temporary nonprofit staffing and why a temporary staffing company like Scion Staffing and Scion Nonprofit can be an excellent resource when your organization needs qualified candidates and staff.

Temporary Employees Offer Nonprofits Flexibility in their Roles

When looking for short-term or temporary workers for nonprofit positions, one of the biggest benefits that comes with the candidate is their schedule flexibility. Typically, when using temporary staff, they’ll be able to work within a flexible schedule. According to the American Staffing Association, one in every five temporary workers cites that flexibility is the reason they choose to do temp work, as well as earning a supplemental income. Where nonprofits benefit from this is if they are trying to keep costs for labor lower, they can build their schedule around when they actually need the employee. If the nonprofit has peak seasons, such as during the winter holidays or spring, seasonal employees can greatly help these organizations.

This also offers the organization flexibility in their decision-making as well. If they get a worker who isn’t a great fit for their organization or doesn’t represent their mission, they can move on from the employee rather quickly. While this isn’t necessarily the case for leadership positions, temporary employees that aren’t a great fit can allow you the opportunity to try again and find another fit in a diverse pool of candidates.

Eliminates Overtime and Limits Benefit Expenses

One of the bigger benefits of hiring temporary staffing is the elimination of overtime costs, as well as the limitation (or even elimination) of benefit expenses. The human resources department for your nonprofit organization will be ecstatic to hear that using contract employees can reduce labor costs by as much as 20% since they are essentially taking the place of overtime pay. This can also be said for benefits for temp employees.

If the organization chooses to go with a firm that provides temporary staffing service like Scion Nonprofit, this eliminates the need to pay for the employee’s benefits, as the firm handles all of their benefits during employment. This includes health benefits, unemployment, payroll taxes and more for the candidate. Additionally, a staffing agency will keep track of the employee hours, which can prove to be difficult at times for the human resources department. Scion Nonprofit offers electronic timekeeping to better help these nonprofit organizations manage their projects.

Using Temporary Staffing can help cut operation costs

Budgeting is one of the most crucial aspects of operating a nonprofit. As most of their funding comes from fundraising, most nonprofits have a limited budget. Using temporary nonprofit staffing can help them reduce certain costs like payroll costs, benefits, insurance, workers comp, and more are handled by the staffing agency like we previously said. However, other areas nonprofits will save on training, interview, and onboarding costs for temporary positions. The temporary staffing agency will be able to take care of any onboarding and additional training that is necessary, resulting in more cost savings for the nonprofit.

Potential to Get an Alternative View

In some cases, a nonprofit organization can get a temporary employee who has come from working for a for-profit organization. How is this a benefit? Sometimes, this employee can give great insight and other views to the organization to help them succeed in their mission. Looking outside the sector for a qualified candidate can lead to creating a better working culture within the organization and better dealings with the economic realities of running a business, whether it is nonprofit or not.

For nonprofits, utilizing temporary staff can also put them in a position to properly review their roles and figure out what they want and need in a full-time employee. Expanding and opening up their job requirements for their search can also help them find a perfect match in a more diverse pool of candidates and can help them find someone who is looking to make a change in their career. Even though a candidate may not have experience working in the nonprofit sector, they may be able to offer more for the organization in the long run. This can also include opening up job requirements to more hybrid and remote working jobs to include a wider pool of candidates.

Additionally, nonprofits don’t necessarily need to worry about competitive wages against other companies, since most temp workers rarely want their exact amount from a nonprofit. For them, it’s not so much about the money and more about wanting to work for the mission.

Use Scion Nonprofit to meet all your staffing needs!

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