Our Nonprofit Executive Search Process – National + Local and Comprehensive

Our Nonprofit Executive Search Process

National, Local, and Comprehensive

Cultivated in the nonprofit sector, we provide expert search strategies and leadership for your organization. Our executive candidates are true agents for change, and we are experts at matching their talents, motivations, and passions to your organization’s mission. Scion has led over five hundred successful national executive searches over the past thirteen years.

One exceptional hire can change an organization forever. It is our work and passion to transform organizational opportunity into reality for our devoted clients. From health and human service organizations to large relief causes to impactful social services, our search experts specialize in placing proven leadership for nonprofit organizations.

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The Length of The Process

From engagement to search completion, our recruitment team works diligently to meet your hiring timeline. For all executive searches, we utilize our proven ten-step system to lead an expedient yet comprehensive executive search 0n your behalf. As experts in executive search for nonprofits we are able to tailor our search approach to best suit your organizational goals, culture, and specific hiring requirements.

We offer the most comprehensive- yet expedient- executive search service in the business. We stand ready to meet your hiring goals.

The main phases of our Executive Search Service include:

  1. Detailed Analysis – We learn, plan, and create a successful recruitment plan for your executive position.
  2. Recruiting – We leverage.
  3. Networking – We cast a wide net.
  4. Screening – We are skilled.
  5. Evaluation – We are thorough.
  6. Candidate Presentations – We prepare.
  7. Client Interviews – We schedule.
  8. Final Candidate Selection – We carefully recommend.
  9. Final Reference Checking – We are detailed.
  10. Final Offer/Close – We support you.

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