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Fueling Progress: Scion Nonprofit Houston – Your Partner for Impactful Recruitment. Scion Nonprofit is proud to staff and recruit for the Houston, Texas area. Our team is a modernized, full-service temporary staffing agency, professional contingency search firm & Executive Search Firm.

Connecting Houston’s Nonprofits with Exceptional Talent

Welcome to Scion Nonprofit Houston! We are committed to connecting exceptional candidates with nonprofit organizations that drive positive change in Houston, Texas. Our award-winning service and extensive candidate reach empower us to deliver top-notch nonprofit candidates to organizations throughout the city, making a lasting impact on the region’s social and environmental landscape.

Unleashing the Power of Nonprofits: Discover Scion Nonprofit Staffing

We understand that having the right talent will drive your organization’s success. That’s why we focus on delivering candidates who possess both the necessary skills and experience as well as a genuine passion for the Houston community and beyond. We carefully vet and present candidates, and we ensure they align with your mission, values, and goals, enabling a seamless integration into your organizational culture.

Our goal is to partner with nonprofits to thrive by connecting them with talented professionals who are dedicated to making a lasting impact in Houston. Let us assist you in finding the perfect match to drive your organization’s mission forward!

Award-Winning Service

Scion Nonprofit has earned recognition for its unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional service in the nonprofit sector. Our team of experts possesses an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges nonprofits face. We go above and beyond to identify candidates who align with your organization’s mission and values, ensuring a seamless and productive recruitment process.

Expansive Candidate Reach

Our extensive network and robust recruitment strategies allow us to reach a wide array of highly qualified nonprofit professionals. We have connections with professionals from various backgrounds and expertise, ranging from program managers to fundraising specialists and beyond. Our reach extends across Houston and its surrounding areas, ensuring we can match the right talent with your organization’s specific requirements.

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Houston Texas Nonprofit Staffing Agency & Recruiting Firm

Thriving Nonprofit Industries in Houston

Houston is home to a diverse range of nonprofit sectors, each playing a crucial role in enhancing the community’s wellbeing and growth. Scion Nonprofit excels in partnering with various nonprofit industries in Houston for both temporary staffing and direct-hire recruiting. Some of the top nonprofit industries include:

1. Education and Youth Development

  • Temporary Staffing: Whether you need temporary educators, youth program coordinators, or academic support staff, we have you covered.
  • Direct-Hire Recruiting: We find the right candidates to fill essential roles in education nonprofits, fostering the development of Houston’s youth.

2. Healthcare and Human Services

  • Temporary Staffing: We provide short-term staffing solutions for healthcare clinics, mental health centers, and organizations dedicated to human services.
  • Direct-Hire Recruiting: Our expertise ensures that permanent roles in these sectors are filled with compassionate professionals who share your mission.

3. Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

  • Temporary Staffing: Our temporary staff can assist with environmental campaigns, sustainability projects, and conservation efforts to promote a greener Houston.
  • Direct-Hire Recruiting: We source candidates who are dedicated to preserving Houston’s natural beauty and promoting sustainability.

4. Community Development and Housing

  • Temporary Staffing: Our temporary staffing solutions support community development projects, affordable housing initiatives, and organizations addressing homelessness.
  • Direct-Hire Recruiting: We identify leaders who can drive your organization’s mission forward in the areas of community development and housing.

5. Arts and Culture

  • Temporary Staffing: For events, exhibitions, or special projects, we provide temporary staff who are passionate about the arts and culture.
  • Direct-Hire Recruiting: We connect you with talented professionals who can contribute to your organization’s artistic and cultural initiatives, enriching Houston’s cultural landscape.

Our team places immediate nonprofit talent in various expertise levels within:

Operations: COO, Operations Directors, Management, Facilities, Specialists & Assistants

Program: CPO, Directors, Managers, Assistants

Marketing: CMO, Product, Interactive, Management, Directors, Communications, PR, Assistants

Administrative: Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Office Management

Finance: CFO, Interim CFO, Directors, Controllers, Managers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Assistants

Human Resources: Directors, Managers, Generalists, Recruiters, HRIS Professionals

Development: CDO, Directors, Managers, Major Gifts, Grantmaking, Assistants, Grant Writers

Legal & Community: Directors, Policy, Chief Counsel, Organizers

IT: Engineering, Development, Database (Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, Gifts), Analytics, Helpdesk

Executive Search: CEO, Executive Director, COO, CDO, CFO, CAO, VP

Temporary Staffing: Interim and Project Needs

Contingent Search Services: Direct Hire Recruiting